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Swiss C + Collagen Solution is a multifunctional vitamin C specially formulated with Collagen. Vitamin C is a vital substance to collagen synthesis as well as the major bio-coordinator to myriads of biochemical processes in the body.

Collagen in this product is a specific type of collagen which constitutes skin cells, vascular intima and cartilage. Swiss C + Collagen produces synergistic efficacy in various aspects, with the highest contents of collagen among its competitors.


It is administered for the purposes of :

  1. 1. Tones & Skin brightening / radiance :
    1. As vitamin C circulating in the body shall act as effective sun block, forming a barrier to ultraviolet (UV) rays while at the same time inhibit the surfacing of melanin (black pigmented cells which darken the skin). Due to its tremendous efficacies in skin whitening, it has become the secrets of fair, smooth and youthful skin among the celebrities worldwide;
  3. 2. Skin Rejuvenation:
    1. Vitamin C in this product stimulates the synthesis of collagen systematically, hence it helps to create firmer, smoother and suppler skin. Type-I Collagen incorporated into this product provides instant replenishment of collagen to the skin for faster skin rejuvenation;
  5. 3. Immune booster & anti-Inflammatory:
    1. Used to relieve or cure acute infection, especially during the onset of common cold.


Swiss C + Collagen Solution can be introduced at various frequencies depending on the indications. In general, it is recommended to have 2 ampoules at alternate day with 60 ampoules as one course, and repeat the usage 4 weeks later. More frequent with higher dosage may be recommended to achieve better and more prominent results, under supervision of qualified professionals.


Each box contains 10 transparent ampoules of solution, comprises of 2 ml of vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) & collagen solution.

Each ampoule (2ml) contains:
Ascorbic Acid     1000 mg
Collagen               500 mg


No suitable for people who sensitive to vitamin C or collagen related product.


Keep in a cold, dry place and avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Also, keep out of reach of children.


Made in Switzerland

Ministry of Health Malaysia Reg. No.: NOT 140906139K

Product Code: W204