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Extracted from the finest and well nurtured Switzerland fresh Sika deer placenta. It contains rich amino acids, adhesive polysaccharides, gonadotropin, Vitamin E and B series, ferment (malic acid and hydracid), and various minerals like calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, etc. High concentration Deer Placenta Solution is 100% pure and natural, produced via a unique centrifuge process and it is freeze-dried at low temperatures to preserve vital bio-active element contents.

With the rich growth factors & transfer factors, the extract is 20 : 1; 1000mg of concentrated active material extracted from 20,000 mg of fresh deer placenta.


Sika Deer Placenta is a rich source of nutrients and growth factors, closely resembles the human placenta biochemically. One of the important components is Hyaluronic acid which is naturally present in the deer placenta. Hyaluronic acid helps in nurturing skin, joint function and improves eyesight.

Deer placenta also contains a high level of Insulin-like growth factor-1, IGF 1 which promotes tissue growth and improves the health of organs. Almost every organ of our body is affected by this IGF 1 factor such as the liver, kidney, bones, cartilage, nerve cells, growth hormones, and even the process of DNA synthesis. Its rich amino acid and gonadotropin play remarkable roles in promoting radiant youthful skin, smoothing wrinkles, improving texture, elasticity/ resiliency, firming & energizing skin, toning & invigorating skin, and reducing the look of cellulite by moisturizing so that complexion looks revitalized.

Deer is considered to be a "higher order" animal, and deer placenta very closely resembles human placenta biochemically. It is extraordinarily nourishing and is completely safe.

Benefits of High concentration Deer Placenta Solution


In order to make this material safe for humans, the placenta is tested for disease and purified to remove components that could be harmful. Certain proteins in the placenta may also be rendered inert through the sterilization process that the placenta undergoes. Deer Placenta is believed by scientists to be the richest source of essential bioactive nutrients, hormones, and growth factors necessary for promoting good health.


High concentration Deer Placenta Solution can be introduced at various frequencies depending on the indications. In general, it is recommended to have 2 ampoules on alternate days with 60 ampoules as one course. Dosage can be increased accordingly to achieve individual’s desires.


Each box contains 10 ampoules (each 2ml)


Sika Dear Placental Extract                 1000 mg
Equivalent to 20 grams (20,000mg) fresh placenta.


Not suitable for people who are hypersensitive to placenta related products.


Keep in a cold and dry place, avoid exposure to direct sunlight and keep out of reach of children.

Made in Switzerland

Ministry of Health Reg. No. :NOT 141100948K

Product Code: A503