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One summer in 1949, in a small village in Greece, a 9-year-old Negro boy accidentally fell into the river. When he was pulled out of the river and sent to the hospital, the boy fell into a coma with swelling in his liver due to infection. He was then applied with interleukins-2, but still remained coma and pale after the treatment. However, 10 days later, when he was applied with interleukins-2 & pyridoxine, to the shock of everybody, the boy awakened with a fair and excellent complexion.

This incident was recognized as one of the greatest medical discoveries in the 20th century, where interleukins-2 + pyridoxine was recognized as a liver protective compound, as well as its efficacies in depigmentation. The combination of these 2 compounds is described as the BUSTER of MELANINE and has been used widely in whitening therapy. Renowned dermatologist in Greece Professor Dr Poziskis has been using Interleukins-2 + Pyridoxine to millions of patients worldwide, making it a world renowned secret of skin whitening, which gained popularity, and was awarded the Medical Nobel Prize.

Interleukins-2 possesses similar basic functionalities as Vitamin C, but is 100 times greater than Vitamin C. With the advancement of Aesthetic Medicines, applications of Interleukins-2 + Pyridoxine have expanded to encompass aesthetics and healthcare. Interleukins-2 + Pyridoxine is the latest formulation invented by the renowned medical institution of Switzerland, with the state-of-the-art patented technology, characterized by higher efficacies and much lesser side effects. Hence, it is the safest and efficacious product to keep you young, healthy and give you an excellent complexion!

Product Description 

Interleukins-2 (Transgenic Barley SH-Polypeptide-25) is a lymphatic factor that enhances the activities of T cells, NK Cells, and other lymphatic factors. It increases the proliferation of white cells as well as strengthens their mobility and potency. It also increases the secretion of antibodies and interferons, hence, it is an effective antiviral and anti-melanin compound, which also enhances immunity. No side effects are observed in animal studies pertaining to the treatment of this compound, as shown in blood & urine tests. Circulatory, pathology and histological inspections show no adverse reactions following treatment of this compound.

Pyridoxine is the core substance of many co-enzymes in our body and participates in various metabolic processes, especially in the metabolism of amino acids. Pyridoxine deficiency can lead to impairments of the skin, central nervous system, and hematopoiesis (formation of blood cells), as Pyridoxine plays very important roles in neurotransmission, glucose synthesis, formation of nerve´s myelin sheath, red blood cells, nucleic acid, and other important amino acids.


Clinical researches revealed that Interleukins-2 + Pyridoxine is efficacious towards the following conditions:

  1. 1. Protect cells and liver from damages by radiation;
  2. 2. Bind to the toxins, heavy metals, and carcinogens in the body, neutralize and excrete them out of the body;
  3. 3. Protect the cell membrane from damages due to oxidation. It also prevents hemolysis of red blood cells while increasing hemoglobin synthesis, hence, it is particularly helpful in the alleviation of anemia, nausea, and liver diseases;
  4. 4. The latest clinical research revealed that this product is able to rectify allergies due to an imbalance between acetylcholine and cholinesterase, and prevents skin aging and pigmentation, hence, it is the latest invention in skin whitening;
  5. 5. Prevents skin aging, dryness, and pigmentation, and also stops the surfacing of melanin, hence, it is the latest formulation for whitening.
  6. 6. Ideal for people with prolonged smoking habits, alcohol consumption, drug abuse, and irregular and late sleeping patterns.


Dosage varies depending on individual´s condition and expectations. Usually, it is recommended to use 1 vial on alternate days. One course of usage comprises 18 vials, in order to obtain the optimum efficacies.


Every box contains 6 vials of Interluekin-2 lyophilized powder (1.2g per vial) and 6 vials of Pyridoxine (4ml per vial).


Transgenic Barley SH-Polypeptide-25         1.2 g
Pyridoxine                                                100 mg


Pregnancy or hypersensitive to the related products.


Store in cool and dry place, avoid direct exposure to sunlight, and keep out of reach of children.


Made in Switzerland

Ministry of Health Malaysia Reg.: NOT171201325K

Product Code: W205