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SLC24A5 is a gene located at the chromosome 15 of human gene. It is consisted of 396 amino acids molecules which governs the activities and proliferation of melanocytes in our body. Clinical study revealed that SLC24A5 gene acts consistently across species, i.e. higher SLC24A5 gene activity increase the number of melanocyte, causing higher secretion of melanin. Organisms with lower SLC24A5 activities have much lesser melanocyte and secret much lesser melanin leading to fair body color.

Once again, medical scientists from Switzerland have isolated a special group of SLC24A5 inhibitor III, which have exhibited superb SLC24A5 gene inhibiting effects, proven to suppress SLC24A5 gene in vitro and in vivo, which is the only formulations that can whiten the skin via genetic.

SCF III is an improvised version of Stem Cell Factor developed by Swiss Institute of Biomedical Research. It is the latest breakthrough in clinical stem cell therapy and is derived from the largest and toughest cactus in the world – Cereus Grandiflorus. Stem Cell Factor which is extracted from this cactus is then modified with the latest technology in molecular genetics. Now, SCF III has the greatest proximity to natural human SCF and is the only form of SCF which can be applied in vivo and exerting stem cell stimulating effects, enhance the effectiveness of SLC24A5 inhibitor III.

Anona Muricata, commonly known as African custard-apple, the fruits have the potential to improve nutrition & enhance immunity and general health tonic. In Africa, many villagers regard it as a gift of fairy fruit from god. Its unique properties in antiulcer, antacid, antibacterial, promote wound healing , antitumor agent, hormonal balancing activities and the effects of slimming & firming, make it significantly a natural ingredient to strengthen the wall of body stem cell.


Clinical study revealed that SLC24A5 Inhibitor III is able to paralyze the genetic activities of SLC24A5 gene, hence inhibit the mechanism of melanin formation at the genetic level, by inhibiting all biochemical processes taking part in the melanocyte activation and melanin secretion (also inhibit the secretion of pro-melanin hormones, e.g. tyrosinase and NCKX5 etc). With the patented technology from Switzerland, SLC24A5 inhibitor III only acts on dermal melanocytes, without affecting other pigmented cells in other body tissues. Hence, treatment of this SLC24A5 Inhibitor III will not lead to albinism (the loss of pigments in the hairs and pupils). This formulation is indicated for the improving of dark skin tone, pigment sedimentation, uneven skin tone and etc.

SCF III is suitable for subject from the age of 25. SCF III will induce stem cell generating mechanism in the body, with the production of pluripotent stem cell, and convert these pluripotent stem cells into specific type of multipotent stem cells, depending on individual conditions, to exert tissue and cellular repair, rejuvenation and regeneration.


SCF III is generally indicated for the following conditions:

  1. 1. Repairing genetics chromosomal aberrations to refresh cells of the whole body;
  2. 2. Repairing of degenerative and aging body functions;
  3. 3. Restore all body functions to the optimum level;
  4. 4. Prevent hair loss, grey hair and other hair degenerative syndromes;
  5. 5. Restore elasticity and complexion of the skin;
  6. 6. Improve memory and cognitive abilities;
  7. 7. Enhanced cell motility and restraint wide spread of melanocytes.


SLC24A5 Inhibitor III or SCF III can be applied directly, or mix with saline solution (approx. 100 ml), 15 – 30 minutes therapy for enhancing effectiveness. Dosage of SLC24A5 Inhibitor III + SCF III varies depending on individual conditions and expectation. Functional restoring dosage of one SCF III follows with 3 days of SLC24A5 Inhibitor III. One vial a day, with 1 box as one course. Dosage can be increased accordingly to achieve individual´s desires. Generally, it varies in accordance with individual´s physical fitness & skin type.

Usage should be administered daily by certified professionals. Must avoid shelled seafood & alcohol during treatment period.

Each vial (10ml) contains:          Packaging:

Leontopodium Alpinum Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract                500mcg    9x10ml
Leontopodium Alpinum Flower Extract                                 500mcg   
Cereus Grandiflorus extracts                                                5000mcg  3x10ml
Annona Muricata fruit extracts                                              2000mcg  


Pregnancy, lactating mothers and those who are hypersensitive to plant derivatives.


Keep in cold, dry place and avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.


Made in Switzerland

Ministry of Health Malaysia Reg. No: NOT171200069K

Product Code: W201