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Introducing a groundbreaking discovery in aesthetic medicine stemming from an unexpected experimental mistake! In 1937, the visionary Hungarian scientist Albert Szent-Gyorgyi provided vitamin C to a patient with coronary artery disease for vascular protective purposes. The initial results were found to be exceptionally effective. However, an intriguing twist unfolded during the second treatment when the efficacy diminished. Through meticulous investigation, Szent-Gyorgyi discovered that the unparalleled success of the first treatment was attributed to the synergistic combination of vitamin C with another compound — later identified as Flavonoids.

This pivotal experiment led to the conclusion that the vascular protective properties of vitamin C could be significantly enhanced with the presence of Flavonoids. A plethora of dedicated research has since delved into unlocking the full potential of these two bioactive substances for the ultimate benefit of humanity.

Cutting-edge medical research has unveiled the remarkable ability of this dynamic duo to induce hormone-like biochemical reactions within the human body. Strikingly, these reactions regulate vital bodily functions without the adverse effects associated with the direct usage of synthetic hormones. Notably, one of the standout achievements is the modulation of lipid profiles, with a significant decrease in Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL), the notorious "bad cholesterol" linked to vascular occlusions, and a simultaneous increase in High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL). In addition to this cardiovascular triumph, nutritional research has underscored the holistic benefits of a single treatment involving Flavonoids + Ascorbic Acid. This dynamic combination provides the body with essential nutrients, ensuring sustained well-being throughout the day.

Product Description

Flavonoids are a group of bioactive substances derived from fruits, vegetables, tea, wine, seeds, or roots of plants. Renowned for their multifaceted benefits, Flavonoids wield potent anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory, and anti-carcinogenic effects, making them a cornerstone of holistic health and well-being.

Ascorbic Acid, more commonly known as vitamin C is a formidable antioxidant that reduces the oxidative stress of ascorbate peroxidase. A deficiency of ascorbic acid can lead to malfunction of tissue collagen and causes scurvy, with symptoms of red spots on the skin, spongy gums, and mucosal bleeding. Patients with scurvy often look pale. Some of them even become paralyzed. The consequences of untreated scurvy extend to ulcers, tooth loss, and mortality, underscoring the role that vitamin C plays as a crucial nutrient in ensuring our vital bodily functions.

In essence, the convergence of Flavonoids and Ascorbic Acid heralds a symbiotic relationship, wherein their collective prowess extends beyond the cosmetic realm, delving into the very fabric of cellular health.


Flavonoids + Ascorbic Acid of 29NEXENTURY is the latest innovation in aesthetic medicines, with much greater efficacies than other similar products. Countless research revealed that the product is indicated for the following conditions:

  1. • Prevent and delay the occurrence of menopause;
  2. • Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-neoplastic;
  3. • Efficacious in reducing stress, detoxifying, sedative, and diuresis;
  4. • Anti-oxidation, anti-carcinogen, and suppression of lipase synthesis;
  5. • Scavenger of free radicals, enhance bioactivity of SOD, reduce MDA and OX-LDL synthesis;
  6. • Increase coronary arteries perfusion, curative to clinical coronary infraction, protective towards acute myocardial infraction, increase immunity by strengthening the bioactivities of lymphocytes and white blood cells;
  7. • Reduce systolic pressure, prevent arrhythmia, and improve blood circulation to remove blood stasis;
  8. • Stimulates formation of collagen and makes the skin firmer, bones and teeth stronger as well as promotes wound healing;
  9. • Strengthen the blood vessels, clear the plaque which occludes the blood vessels, reduce cholesterol in the blood vessels to reduce the risk factors of coronary artery disease;
  10. • Maintain clarity of ocular lens and reduce intraocular pressure, hence is preventive towards glaucoma and cataracts;
  11. • Prevent the surfacing of melanin, hence, it is an excellent whitening product;


Pregnancy, lactating mothers, individual who are hypersensitive to vitamin C and flavonoid-related products, and those with high blood pressure or kidney problems.


Dosage varies depending on individual´s conditions and expectations. Generally, it is recommended to use 30 ampoules on alternate days to achieve optimal efficacy.


Each box contains 10 ampoules (each 10ml).


Bioflavonoids                   2000mg
Ascorbic Acid                     500mg


Keep in cool and dry place, avoid direct exposure to sunlight, and keep out of reach of children.


Made in SwitzerlandMade in Switzerland

Ministry of Health Malaysia Reg. No. : NOT150702059K

Product Code: A507