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In 1928, US biologist Thoman Hunt Morgan discovered that chromosome is a carrier of genetic materials and was awarded Noble Prize in Physiology. There are altogether 23 pairs of chromosomes (46 chromosomes) in human body, and each chromosome contains thousands of genes. With genetic medicines, cures of diseases and rejuvenation of body functions become possible, by tapping on the genes in the human body. Institute of Biomedical Research, Switzerland has been leading in this research with a lot of breakthrough in genetic medicines.

Following the discoveries of whitening and obesity genes, Institute of Biomedical Research, Switzerland has now discovered LHX3, which is known as "firming gene" in the 9th chromosome of human body. In clinical applications, it has shown to firm up all organs in the body, by resetting the endocrine regulatory functions of pituitary gland, firming up the sagged human tissues and restore the tones of other vital organs.

Pituitary is known as the master gland of body´s endocrine system, which controls almost all body functions by pituitary hormones which it secretes. In 1997, Professor of Cellular Biology, Dr. Kathleen A. Mahon of Houston Medical University, USA discovered the importance of LHX3 to the development of pituitary glands during embryonic stage, where constant supply of LHX3 genetic protein shall ensure the normal development of pituitary gland of the embryo. She proven in animal study that inhibition of LHX3 genetic protein will lead to the cessation or disorders of pituitary development. Hence, it is confirmed that constant activity of LHX3 Skin Restorer shall ensure the stable bio-communication between pituitary glands and other organs, hence maintain the balanced and stable endocrine activities in the body.

In 1942, Prof. John H. Musser of Louisiana Medical University, USA made an oral pituitary extracts from calf´s pituitary glands for the treatment of chronic constipation of hypotension. Post-pituitary extract is used to treat atonal uterus, shock and urinary incontinence while anterior pituitary extracts is used to treat obesity due to hormonal imbalance, asthma and fatigue. Despite its great therapeutic potentials, the development of pituitary extracts is stifled by the technical and material constrains. The discovery of LHX3 Skin Restorer has enlightened Institute of Biomedical Research, Switzerland in further biomedical research. In year 2005, they extracted this genetic protein from a 13 week sheep fetus, with the latest patented biomedical technology. It is proven in animal studies that LHX3 genetic protein is able to rejuvenate the pituitary glands in adult animals and get rid of almost all disorders by restoring the endocrine regulating functions of pituitary gland.

In year 2010, Prof. Kathleen A. Mahon, and Prof. Alexander Zhadanov, microbiologist of Jefferson Cancer Institute and Prof. Bedrich Mosinger, Director of Institution of Molecular genetics, Czech´s Republic had invented the 2nd generation of LHX3 genetic protein, which can be fully utilized by the human body and achieve rejuvenation, reset pituitary activities, restoring endocrine activity and firming up of human organs within 24 hours !


LHX3 Skin Restorer is extracted from pituitary gland of embryonic sheep fetus, which shares the similar molecular structure with human´s LHX3 genetic protein.

No rejections were observed in the cross species treatment study, hence it is safe in clinical applications in the following conditions:

  1. 1. Restoration and tightening of post delivery reproductive organs, e.g. uterus, ovaries, vagina and other endocrine organs;
  2. 2. Improve intestinal and colonic motility, as a treatment for Digestive disorders and chronic constipations;
  3. 3. Improve all chronic pains due to poor bioelectricity conductions.
  4. 4. Improve discomforts due to impaired blood circulation;
  5. 5. Balance of endocrine activity by improving bio-communication between the pituitary glands and other peripheral endocrine systems;
  6. 6. Natural and safe breast augmentation when treatment regularly;
  7. 7. Prevent hair drops and skin aging.


Pregnancy, lactation, hypertension and hypersensitive to the related product.


Dosage and frequency may be varied in different conditions. It is recommended to use 2 ampoules each time for every 5 days, with 10 ampoules as one course. Higher frequency of usage may be indicated for different conditions, but must be conducted under the supervision of qualified trained professionals. Regular application of LHX3 Skin Restorer shall achieve tightening of vagina, lifting of sagging tissues and etc. Usage of LHX3 Skin Restorer may lead to some discomforts, e.g. diarrhea, headache, cold sweating, cramping and constriction of uterus and vagina and etc, which may last 1-3 hours.


Each box contains 10 ampoules (1 ml per ampoule).


Sheep Dermal Cells Lysate                 1200 mcg


Keep in a cold, dry place and avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.


Made in Switzerland

Ministry of Health Malaysia Reg. No: NOT171201324K

Product Code: A508