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Throughout history, mankind has known the incredible restorative powers of placenta. In ancient Egypt, soldiers consumed fresh placenta to rejuvenate themselves for battle. In China, it has long been used as a beauty tonic, kidney tonic, and aphrodisiac. The French have long used it as a beauty revitaliser. In some cultures, placenta is prepared as a soup for new mothers to help them recover their energy and avoid post-natal depression. Today, it is a favorite among those who wish to preserve their youth and beauty. 

Sheep placenta has been used by the British Royal Family for 1400 years to promote general health. Sheep Placenta was first discovered to potentially stimulate human cell growth and stop the signs of aging, in 1912 by Nobel Prize Winner, Professor Karl. Live Cell Therapy developed, and it was soon discovered that the Sheep Placenta had thousands of active substances that could benefit cell rejuvenation. In 1931, Swiss physician Paul Niehans performed the first successful Sheep Placenta cell therapy on a post-surgery patient. This discovery was improved over the years and by the 21st century, cutting-edge technology and continued research have allowed sheep placenta extract to be condensed into capsules or solutions suitable for the busy modern lifestyle.

Research has confirmed that placenta contains more than 8000 types of active nutrients. Its rich amino acid and gonadotropin play remarkable roles in promoting radiant youthful skin, smoothing wrinkles, improving texture, elasticity/ resiliency, firming & energizing skin, toning & invigorating skin, and reducing the look of cellulite by moisturizing so that complexion looks revitalized.

Product Description

High concentration Sheep Placenta Solution is 100% pure and natural used for rejuvenating your body cells and good health. Our Sheep Placenta is extracted from the sheep placenta of healthy and fine quality Switzerland sheep. It contains rich amino acids, adhesive polysaccharides, gonadotropin, Vitamin E and B series, ferment (malic acid and hydracid), yolk vitelline, lecithinum, and various minerals like calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, etc.

With the rich growth factors & transfer factors, the extract is 20 : 1; 1000mg of concentrated active material extracted from 20,000 mg of fresh sheep placenta.


Aging is the accumulation of damage to macromolecules, cells, tissues & organs which is also known as cell degeneration. Aging is the process of body’s systems deterioration with time.


The nutritional and beauty effect of the sheep placenta:   

Hailed as nature’s elixir of youth, Sheep Placenta can topple the aging process. Age takes its toll on the human body, we can’t totally disregard this universal fact, but we can do something to prevent it from happening too soon.

In order to make this material safe for humans, the placenta is tested for disease and purified to remove components that could be harmful. Certain proteins in the placenta may also be sterilized through the sterilization process.


Not suitable for people who are hypersensitive to placenta related products.


High concentration Sheep Placenta Solution can be introduced at various frequencies depending on the indications. In general, it is recommended to have 2 ampoules on alternate days with 60 ampoules as one course. Dosage can be increased accordingly to achieve individual’s desires.


Each box contains 10 ampules (each 2ml).


Sheep Placental Extract               1000 mg
Equivalent to 20 grams (20,000mg) fresh placenta.


Keep in a cold, dry place and avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Also, keep out of reach of children.


Made in Switzerland

Ministry of Health Malaysia Reg. No: NOT 141006336K

Product Code: A504