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The history of Gold Thread Implantation for aesthetics can be traced back to the time of ancient Egypt, with the discoveries of pieces of gold in ancient Egyptian mummies. Incidences of gold implantation or rubbing gold to the face have also been recorded in the literature of ancient India and China, which laid the foundation for the modern medical implantation of gold thread for aesthetics.

French surgeon, Dr. Caux was the first doctor who implanted gold thread into humans to improve skin texture, sagging, and lightening of wrinkles. Since then, medical scientists in Europe and the US have taken part in the research, development, and improvisation of gold thread implantation. Japan and Korea joined the competition in the 20th century, bringing a few evolutions to Gold thread Implantation, in terms of the gold thread itself, and the implantation techniques.

However, owing to technical constraints, gold thread implantation cannot provide an overall solution to all types of skin problems, as a gold thread of a bigger diameter can be used to lift up facial tissues but cannot be implanted in the area with a thinner skin profile. The gold thread which is small enough for implantation to the thin skin areas is too small in diameter, hence cannot provide satisfactory results in lifting. Gold threads developed by the Spanish come with polyglycolic acid thread, hence will cause post-implantation allergic reactions.

Since 2006, the Institute of Biomedical Research, Switzerland, which is a prestigious medical institution in aesthetic medicines started the research to combine the advantages of all gold thread implantation techniques and eventually, a gold thread that can be used for lifting, improving complexion, skin texture while at the same time effectively remove wrinkles and the dark circle was invented. Introducing Derma Gold Bioactive Gold Thread, capable of stimulating the synthesis of skin matrices and new blood vessels and rejuvenating the skin in 3-6 months.

Derma Gold Bioactive Gold thread is developed with the latest and patented technologies and produced by a renowned Spanish producer in medical devices, is made of 24k 99.99 ultra-pure medical gold, processed with patented bio-compatible technology patented by the Institute of Biomedical Research, Switzerland, hence making the Derma Gold Bioactive Gold a "super nutrients" which will not be rejected by the human body but instead, can be utilized as a catalyst to various biochemical processes, e.g. synthesis of various skin matrices(collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, etc). Bioactive Gold in Derma Gold will also act as an agent of constructive angiogenesis and natural antiseptics, hence, it is indicated as a permanent solution for dark circles (which is due to poor blood circulation around the eyes area) and acne.


Derma Gold Bioactive Gold Thread is manufactured with the patented Swiss technology for implantation to derma papillae with patented implantation techniques, to trigger local synthesis of skin matrices, angiogenesis, anti-inflammatory and tissue repairing effects, with indications to the following conditions:

  1. • Lifting of sagging tissues: With the implantation techniques co-developed by the Institute of Biomedical Research, Switzerland and PHRI Biotech Sdn Bhd, the tension of Derma Gold Bioactive Gold Thread can lift the sagging tissues, becoming a solution to sagging eyes, double chin, and prominent laughing lines.
  2. • Lightening of wrinkles: Derma Gold can stimulate the synthesis of skin matrices within a very short time post-implantation, e.g. collagen which makes the skin firm, and elastin which smoothen the skin, hence, implantation of gold thread can fill up the subdermal cavities which cause wrinkles, hence is indicated for facial fine lines, nasolabial, wrinkles around the eyes and neck and other non-physical wrinkles.
  3. • Scar repairing: Derma Gold can induce a constructive immune response which will eliminate scar tissues, by triggering transient inflammation to remove the scar tissues, followed by restoration of normal skin tissues to achieve lightening or elimination of scars.
  4. • Permanent Filler: Derma Gold can be implanted densely to induce localized synthesis of skin matrices, to generate permanent sub-dermal filling effects (as long as 10-15 years) to repair dented scars, e.g. acne scars.
  5. • Angiogenesis: Formation of new networks of blood vessels in the implanted site to improve blood circulation, hence improving the skin complexion, which is particularly effective in dark circles.
  6. • Anti-inflammatory: Derma Gold is a natural form of antiseptics that can eliminate almost all kinds of skin inflammatory conditions due to bacteria or viruses, making it the most powerful and yet zero side effects anti-inflammatory agent. Hence is indicated in the clinical treatment of acne and other skin inflammatory conditions.


Pregnancy, unstable diabetes, and psychiatric patients.


Each box of Derma Gold contains 6 Derma Gold Bioactive Gold threads, each thread is 50cm in length and 0.13mm in diameter, each thread is sterilized and packed in metallic foils.


Depending on individual´s skin conditions, every 50cm of Derma Gold Bioactive Gold Thread can be implanted to the skin surface of 25-50 sq cm to induce angiogenesis and to eliminate skin inflammatory conditions. Derma Gold can be implanted in straight thread form, or in a coiled form to produce tensions for lifting. The tension increased as the distance between the coils getting denser. Derma Gold can also be cut into small pieces for dense implantation for scar restoration or deep wrinkles lightening.

Derma Gold Bioactive Gold thread can be implanted into any part of the body, e.g. face, abdomen, waist, hip, thigh, lower and upper eyelids, temples, etc, to tighten the skin or lighten stretch marks after birth. The latest implantation technique developed by the Institute of Biomedical Research, Switzerland is minimally invasive, making the implantation process almost painless without much bleeding. Doctors who perform the implantation must pass the training and evaluation of the Institute of Biomedical Research, Switzerland and PHRI Biotech Sdn Bhd, in order to carry out the procedure safely and efficaciously.

Product Stability

Avoid direct exposure to sunlight and keep out of reach of children.


Microscopic skin histology proves that Derma Gold Implantation can stimulate the synthesis of skin matrices, the following microscopic images show that implanted Derma Gold is encapsulated by a sheath that is comprised of collagen, elastin, and other skin matrices.

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