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SLC24A5, a gene located within chromosome 15 of the human genome, encoded for SLC24A5 molecules consisting of 396 amino acids that govern the activities and proliferation of melanocytes in our body. Recent studies in medical research discovered that SLC24A5 gene activities determine the quantity and activity of melanocytes. Remarkably, this genetic influence is consistent across species, where an increased number of melanocytes will produce more melanin and a resulting darker skin tone. Conversely, low SLC24A5 gene activities yield fewer melanocytes, leading to lighter skin complexion.

It has been proven that SLC24A5 gene activity in Caucasians is much lower than in other ethnicities. Based on this finding, Swiss medical scientists discovered the SLC24A5 Inhibitor II eventually. After both in vivo and in vitro animal and human studies, SLC24A5 Inhibitor II has finally become the most reliable, safe, and powerful skin-whitening agent in the world!

In recent years, SLC24A5 Inhibitor II has been transformed into a treatment, capable of inhibiting the activities of the SLC24A5 gene. Thus, bringing the promise of radiant, even-toned skin to individuals worldwide by reducing the activities of melanocytes and melanin secretion.


A clinical study revealed that SLC24A5 Inhibitor II can suppress the activities of of SLC24A5 gene, by manually disabling this gene. The chemical pathways of melanin-producing hormones, including tyrosinase, NCKX5, etc, make the skin become fairer. Under the control of patented technology, SLC24A5 Inhibitor II will only act on melanocytes in the skin without affecting other pigmented cells in the hairs and eyes. Hence treatment of SLC24A5 Inhibitor II will not lead to albinism yet achieve superb whitening efficacies. This product has been proven clinically to be effective in improving dark skin tone, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, etc.


Each box contains 6 ampoules of 10ml usable SLC24A5 Inhibitor II.

Each ampoule (10ml) contains:

Leontopodium alpinum Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract      250 mcg
Leontopodium alpinum Flower Extract                       250 mcg


The dosage of SLC24A5 Inhibitor II varies depending on individual`s conditions and expectations. Constant use of this formulation will maintain the complexion and radiance of the skin. Usually, it is recommended to use 1 ampoule daily or at alternate day. One usage course is comprised of 18 ampoules. SLC24A5 Inhibitor II can be used at a higher dosage or frequency in certain conditions, under the supervision of well trained professionals.


Pregnancy or Lactating women.


Keep in cool and dry place, avoid direct exposure to sunlight, and keep out of reach of children.


Made in Switzerland

Ministry of Health Malaysia Reg. No: NOT171200070K

Product Code: W202